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Can You Wash Your Face Too Much? The Importance of a Balanced Cleansing Routine

Keeping our faces clean is a crucial part of a healthy skincare routine. But did you know that there's actually such a thing as washing your face too much?  Overwashing might seem harmless, but it can strip skin of healthy oils and disrupt its natural balance, leading to a whole host of problems.

What are the signs you're overwashing your face?

If your skin feels excessively tight and almost squeaky after washing, that's a sign you might be stripping away too much natural oil. Overwashing can make your skin feel dry, itchy, and prone to redness or flaking. A disrupted skin barrier caused by overwashing can make your skin more susceptible to acne breakouts. When your skin loses natural moisture, it signals to your oil glands to kick into overdrive, leading to a greasy complexion. Surprisingly, overwashing can make your skin oilier!

How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

Most dermatologists recommend washing your face twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. This is usually enough to remove dirt, sweat, makeup, and other impurities without disrupting your skin's natural environment. You should also wash your face after an intense workout session.

Tips for Healthy Cleansing:

  • Choose a Gentle Cleanser: Look for a cleanser formulated for your skin type that doesn't contain harsh ingredients like sulfates or alcohol. YovinoMD Beauty products are free of sulfates! Try our Peptide Cleanser which cleans and increases collagen and elastin:

  • Use Lukewarm Water: Hot water strips away your skin's oils and cold water keeps your pores closed so always wash your face with lukewarm water instead.

  • Be Gentle with Your Skin!: Rubbing your skin with a towel can irritate it. Gently pat your face dry instead. Always remember to use a fresh, clean towel when touching your face.

  • Moisturize: Apply a rich serum or moisturizer after cleansing to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Try our Wrinkle Erase Serum:

Special Considerations

If you have very oily or acne-prone skin, you might be tempted to wash more frequently. While this may seem logical, it's best to stick to twice-daily cleansing and focus on other parts of your skincare routine, such as using oil-free moisturizers and targeted acne treatments.

The Bottom Line

Washing your face is important, but moderation is key. Overwashing does more harm than good, leading to dryness, irritation, overproduction of oil, and even breakouts. By sticking to a gentle cleansing routine twice a day and using the right products, you can have clean, fresh skin that's also healthy and balanced.

If you have any further questions about whether you're overwashing, consult our skin care specialist for personalized advice.


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