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Explaining ‘Prejuvenation’

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

You won’t find the definition of ‘prejuvenation’ in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  It is the new buzz word popping up in social media, online, and in magazines. Prejuvenation refers to a combination of prevention and rejuvenation.  The treatments are focused on preventing the signs of aging rather than correcting damage that has already occurred. It generally applies to those under the age of 30.  I have found that these “prejuvenators” make up the fastest-growing patient demographic in cosmetic surgery. They tend to do their own research, shopping around to determine which treatments (and practitioners) are right for them, with a focus on improving the skin’s health -- not just its appearance.

In the past, people would wait until they had obvious signs of aging, and then invest in correcting the damage.

So, how does skin care come into play with prejuvenation?  Skin care equates to someone caring for the temple, running the water, and maintaining it, versus allowing the building to decay into disrepair.  The prejuvenation regimen is the acronym G.R.A.S.S.:

Woman relaxing in a bathtub with eyes closed.

Growth factors,



Specialty products, and


These products are all vital for stimulating new cell turnover, collagen production, and preventing sun damage.  Having these tools in your skin care arsenal will keep your skin looking tight, even toned, and smooth -- before the cracks begin to show.

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