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Seasonal Skin Care

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Do you do keep the same skin care routine all year long?  If you do, you should consider changing it up with the season, weather conditions, and your activity level!  Here are some helpful hints and suggestions for each season.

1. Spring - New year, new skin.  This is the time to do a medical-grade skin peel, before the sun’s UV index (a measure of the strength of the sun’s rays) begins picking up in the summer.  Use a retinol regularly to increase cell turnover and renew the skin after your peel.  It is also wise to introduce a melanocyte suppressor to keep sunspots at bay.  

2. Summer - Protect your skin from aging, sun damage, and increased risk of skin cancer by using sunscreen daily.  UVA rays cause Aging while UVB rays cause Burns.  You want to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you against both rays.  Make sure you use a chemical blocking sunscreen if you are swimming, playing sports, or hiking - this type of sunscreen is more water-resistant and won’t sweat off.  Our Sport Defense sunblock is a perfect choice.  At night, continue using a melanocyte suppressor to prevent sunspots - the higher the UV index, the higher the risk of hyperpigmentation (even with sunscreen).

3. Autumn - To put it simply: your skin likes consistency.  During this change of seasons, humidity levels drop, and the weather begins to cool off.  This can cause cracks in the skin, which disrupts the homeostasis of your skin.  This means that the skin becomes unstable, resulting in loss of hydration, increased inflammation, and acne breakouts.  To restore the skin’s stability, it is crucial to use products that rehydrate the skin from the inside.  Hyaluronic acids are some of the most efficient sources for replenishing hydration.  Our Filler in a Bottle contains four different HAs that will keep your skin moisturized at multiple depths. 

4. Winter - This season has a harsh, moisture-zapping impact on the skin without the right  intervention.  I grew up in Michigan, and our winters seemed to last longer than any other season!  The most important goal during this time is rehydration to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy.    Hyaluronic acid is always great for hydration, but you will want to make sure you are using it in a thick cream instead of a thin serum!  The thicker consistency will create a more effective moisture seal.   To further refine skin texture, add in a retinol to increase cell turnover.  Additionally, this is a great time to consider a resurfacing procedure to re-texturize the skin and tighten pores, or undergo a medical grade skin peel to get the skin refreshed just in time for holiday events and get-togethers.


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