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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A blond woman's face is divided in half by a thin white line. The left side of her face shows acne and redness of the skin. The right side of her face shows smooth skin and clear complexion.

There are so many different health philosophies out there. Some people swear by special diets, while others emphasize specific exercises or rituals. But there is one thing that just about any health guru can agree on: to stay healthy, your body needs to be fed the proper nutrients.

Well, fun fact: your skin is the largest organ in your body - don’t neglect it. Just like there are noticeable outward signs of being physically unhealthy, your skin will make it known when something is off balance. One of the most recognizable signs that your skin care regimen is lacking a necessary nutrient is problematic acne breakouts.

This is great news for many acne sufferers! Forget trying every home remedy in the book and forgoing chocolate - strategically adding just three ingredients is often all you need to achieve the clear complexion of your dreams. We like to refer to this anti-acne trio as your “ABCs”: Vitamins A, B, and C!

A woman with beautiful skin examines herself in the mirror. She is wearing a towel as though she just got out of the shower. Her hands rest on her face and jawline.

1. Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A is the first stop on our list! In the context of skin care products, you’ll often find Vitamin A and its derivatives listed as retinol, retinyl, retinoid, or tretinoin. This ingredient is one of the most widely studied of its kind. Retinol is scientifically proven to increase cellular turnover, meaning it increases the rate at which your body sheds and replaces dead, problematic skin cells with fresh, healthy skin cells. Not only does this prevent acne-causing congested pores, but it also helps to soften and smooth out rough, bumpy skin texture.

And, as an awesome bonus, retinol is one of the most powerful natural age defense products - so you’ll be giving your skin a youthful boost to boot! Check out YovinoMD Beauty Retinoid Complexes!

A white and silver dropper expels clear gel in a puddle on a pink backdrop.

2. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Next up is niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3! Frequently found in serum-form, niacinamide is your go-to for putting the brakes on overly oily skin without drying it out. This ingredient helps regulate oil production: it will prevent your skin from becoming greasy, while still maintaining a healthy level of sebum! This is possible because superstar niacinamide also acts as a humectant, pulling healthy sources of moisture into the skin.

Correcting oiliness isn’t this powerhouse ingredient’s only anti-acne benefit, however. Niacinamide encourages an increase in collagen production, leading to teeny-tiny, borderline-undetectable mini-pores. On top of all that, Vitamin B3 effectively combats discoloration - so you can say “goodbye and good riddance” to pesky redness.

A large white letter "C" rests against a bright yellow background. In the middle of the letter is an orange sliced in half.

3. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid, THD-ascorbate)

Between the retexturing power of Vitamin A and jack-of-all-trades niacinamide, there’s just one gap left to fill when fighting acne - and that’s where Vitamin C comes in. There are several different forms of Vitamin C used in skin care products, but your best bet is going to be “ascorbic acid” or “THD-ascorbate”. These are the most stable forms of Vitamin C, meaning they are resilient and will not easily lose efficacy while the product is sitting on your shelf between uses. On the opposite end of that spectrum is “L-Ascorbic Acid” - this cheaper form of Vitamin C is notorious for oxidizing quickly.

Vitamin C is a safe, effective ingredient for healing and protecting vulnerable skin thanks to its ability to fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules capable of causing inflammation and other visible signs of skin damage. Vitamin C’s anti-inflammatory properties combat this damage, expediting the healing process and reducing the life span of painful breakouts. On top of that, Vitamin C is a go-to ingredient for lightening the skin by targeting redness, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin. Moral of the story? Vitamin C is the final puzzle piece needed to clear up your complexion and get your skin glowing.

How do you incorporate ABCs Into Your Routine?

Incorporating all three of these ingredients into your routine is easier than you might think! We formulated the YovinoMD Beauty Retinoid Complexes (available in three strengths: 0.25%, 0.5%, and 1%) with concentrations of Vitamin A and Vitamin C that are powerful enough to deliver undeniable results, but gentle enough to be safe for sensitive skin and active ingredient newbies. You can find niacinamide as one of the main ingredients in the YovinoMD Beauty Wrinkle Erase Serum, a hydrating formula clinically proven to boost collagen levels within just three weeks of use.

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