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Why should everyone use a retinol?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If I had to pick one product that I have used over the years and has benefited my skin the most, it would be retinol.  Retinol is otherwise known as Vitamin A. A natural product found in foods, this is one of the most widely studied compounds of its kind to support vision health and rejuvenate the skin.  Vitamin A-based drugs, called retinoids, have a wide variety proven benefits. They increase collagen synthesis, cellular turnover, and new blood vessel growth, which keeps the skin looking youthful, healthy and pink.  

From my vast experience, I have encountered many patients who tried a Retinoid product, but stopped due to side effects.  What I realized is that they had purchased the product, but were not properly informed of the directions of use, or what to expect when starting a new retinoid.  I always tell my patients this: Retinoids are a medication to be used slowly and consistently. The key is to start with a low dose, and use it only once a week at night.  This is because the medication deactivates in sunlight. Patients will want to wait to see how their skin responds before using the product again. The skin should become red, flaky, and begin to slough off.  If this doesn’t occur, that means the dose is not strong enough. Once the patient begins to see their skin return to normal, then they can reuse it and shorten the window period of reapplication. The goal is to keep shortening the window period until the patient can tolerate applying it daily, or several times per week.  Over time, retinoids will thicken the skin and should be used on the face, neck and décolletage. Sunscreen is a must during the day, because the skin will be prone to sunburn. Our YovinoMD skincare line has multiple retinoid products in various strengths that are specifically formulated to treat different areas: skin of the face, neck, décolletage, and around the eyes.  These products are in a time-released delivery system, allowing the medication to be delivered evenly throughout the night while you sleep. 


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